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About Wide Open Fishing and Denis Sherlock

I am 37 (for 3 more weeks) , married to Krista Sherlock of 10 years and have two beautiful children Aexandra 9 and Mia 5.  We have a cat and a rabbit low maintenance pets so that we can leave for 3-day fishing adventures.

Friends and family would say my super power is fishing, but i would say it is patience.  The first time I fished that i can remember was Horseshoe lake in southern Washington for stocker trout.  At probably around 5 or 6 years old, we did catch fish that day and i sure that was when the seed was planted, growing up I maybe fished as much as any kid maybe a little more because we lived near a lake but the burning urge to fish didn't come until the first salmon I caught from the beach of Glen cove in the Puget sound. but that just made me want to fish and by no means meant that I was good at it or even knew what i was doing, of coarse this was before the internet and since I hated reading at a young age there was little I could do for research ... fast forward to November of 2002.  A good friend took me to a magical river where we caught 7 or 8 nice dime bright coho salmon ... and that is when the obsession started, the same friend that took me to the river mentored me in several other aspects of fishing, salmon in the salt water, bottom fish, halibut, tuna, and steelhead.  Then the world wide web came around and I could not get enough info and I started enjoying reading for the first time ... imagine that.
Now I consider myself to be an outdoors man of all types as I enjoy hunting, and hiking, fishing and shell-fishing and any good reason to get outdoors with the family and harvest something, and in this modern area of eco consciousness if you harvest you help but to do your part for conserve the resources that bring so much joy to our lives. This is an important topic to me so look for a forum page dedicated to conserving our fish/water/wildlife.